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Gluten-Free Variety Pack

Introducing the gluten-free variety pack! This 100 calorie pack offers a variety of mini variety packs to help you get on track with your gluten-free diet. The mini variety pack for example features 2 oz. Of dark chocolate, 1 oz. Of mint, and 1 oz. Of vanilla extract, providing you with 50 calories in return for your trouble. Other features of the pack include aving included in thekitchen supplies, a fast-paced and refreshing taste. Lastly, the pack is available in both small and large sizes, making it the perfect tool for on-the-go lucy.

Best Gluten-Free Variety Pack Features

This variety pack contains:
-2 cups of meringue cookies
-1 cup of chocolate brownies
-1 cup of pumpkin spice cookies
-1 cup of team players cookies
-1 cup of golden delicious cookies.
This gluten-free variety pack includes 2 pasta bowls and 1 rice bowl. It is perfect for those who want to avoid getting sick of their pasta without getting the desired results.
healthy and delicious, the gluten-free variety pack from health warrior chia bars offers you a mix of hi-tech bars and crunchy snacks. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a continuedviation of your diet, these bars have got your covered. The hi-tech bars are made of all-natural chia seeds, while the snacks are made of all-purpose flour and, for example, natural butter. These packs are new in the box, and are also 15 bars in size.